What Makes a Team Sport?

Millions of children and adults participate in team sport, not only because it’s a great way to stay physically fit but also because it has many lifelong benefits. These include developing good social skills and fostering an active lifestyle. But what makes a team sport?

A team sport is a type of athletic activity where the fundamental nature of the game or sport makes it inherently impossible or highly impractical to execute as a single-player endeavor. Some sports may have both individual and team aspects, such as relay races that combine competitors’ performance to form a complete team.

The most obvious benefit of team sport is a sense of community and the ability to work well with others. Learning to compromise and cooperate with teammates is an important life skill, as it translates into many different types of relationships outside the playing arena. Teamwork is the foundation of all successful businesses, organizations and even family units.

A second advantage of team sports is the opportunity to learn to accept and deal with failure and disappointment. While every athlete would like to win every match, it’s not always possible. By teaching young athletes that there is a place for them on the team and that their success depends on the contributions of their teammates, they develop the ability to handle setbacks in an effective manner. This can help them to be more resilient in the face of adversity and achieve greater satisfaction in their lives.

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