What Is Technology?


Technology is a nebulous concept that has varying definitions. Some think of it as anything human-made, while others define it as a particular kind of thing. Either way, the definitions of technology can change promiscuously over time. The term also has a history of its own, with many machines that continue to exist for many years.

Technology has many societal ramifications. Some of these technologies contribute to human welfare, while others create problems and cause harm to individuals and groups. Several examples of technologies include the Internet and mobile phones. There are both old and new technologies, from the discovery of needles to the creation of smart cities. Some of the more advanced technologies include quantum computing and advanced artificial intelligence.

Philosophical reflections on technology have a long history. During the Roman empire and the Middle Ages, technological advancement was very rapid. However, philosophical reflection on technology did not progress at the same pace. However, the Renaissance led to an increase in philosophical reflection on technology. In 1627, Francis Bacon wrote a work called New Atlantis which expressed a positive view of technology. This attitude toward technology continued to the nineteenth century and into the industrial revolution.

Arthur says that institutions are “technological constructions” that are built for a particular purpose. This logic reflects the need to solve particular problems. While technological advances are often remarkable, they still follow specific rules that must be followed to be effective. In other words, technology is driven by human curiosity and foresight.

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