What Is News?


News is current information about events obtained by journalists from all over the world and conveyed to people through word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting and electronic communication. It is considered to be the main source of information about the happenings in the world. However, the definition of news is complicated because there are many aspects that contribute to what makes an interesting and significant event to be reported. These factors include tone, objectivity, commercial value, reader impact and tabloid sensationalism among others.

Most often, News is about people or the things that affect and involve people. This includes stories about the weather, natural disasters or wars. It can also be about food or the cost of living. The way the media identifies what is newsworthy depends on the culture of the society and what is of importance to the people.

Generally, a story should be new to its readers or listeners for it to qualify as a news item. But a story that happened a long time ago but was never told before can still be newsworthy if it has some new facts or information about the subject that was previously unknown.

A good headline grabs the attention of the readers and piques their interest. The first paragraph should be short and concise but should be able to give a summary of the entire article. In news writing, it is preferable to use third person instead of using the first or second person in order not to jar the audience and to avoid personal bias.

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