What is Fashion?


Fashion is a style or way of dressing that is popular in a society. It includes a person’s clothing, footwear and accessories. It also involves the way they wear their hair and make-up. People who follow the latest fashion trends are called “fashionistas”.

Unlike etiquettes or manner, which are more internal, Fashion is external and dynamic. It changes with winds of time, reflects the social attitudes and beliefs. It makes one look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated. This is especially true for films as they are like mirrors of the society and the current fashion trends.

A minuscule number of designers and manufacturers produce innovative high-fashion apparel. Most manufactures create and deliver several product lines (collections) a year, which are sold to retailers at predetermined times throughout the year. They may employ their own in-house production facilities, or contract with independent manufacturers to design and produce their products.

Fashion is often influenced by celebrity taste and style, as well as by international travel and the media. It also may be influenced by changes in economic conditions, the political climate, or even wars.

A certain type of dress can be considered fashionable for a limited period of time and then become out of style. This is because of the way people perceive it: a short dress that was fashionable in the Victorian Era might seem inappropriate for today’s young women. Clothes that are highly favored by a group of people – celebrities, business tycoons, film stars – may inspire other people to adopt a similar style, which is sometimes referred to as “high-fashion.” These clothes can cost a fortune but make the wearer feel classy and elegant.

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