What Is Fashion?

Fashion is the style of clothes, hairstyles, makeup and accessories. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs hundreds of millions of people across the world and influences the way we dress.

Getting Started

While there is no one person who can trace the origins of fashion, it has been around for centuries and will likely be here for a long time. It is a way for people to express themselves and create a personal style that is unique to them.

Evolution and Change

While some people see the constant changes in fashion as a bad thing, there are others who enjoy it. The fast-paced changes can keep things fresh, and it can be a way to break out of a monotonous life.

Trickle-down Theory

The trickle-down theory states that new styles diffuse from innovators to leaders, then to early adopters, then to late adopters. In the early innovation stage, new styles are only worn by a small number of people. After this group of innovators, these styles become a part of the public culture, and they then move up and out of style.


A gatekeeper is an individual that has great influence on what is fashionable in a particular area or at a specific time. These people are usually in marketing or design and have the power to put a particular trend on the market.

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