What Are Automobiles?


Automobiles are wheeled motor vehicles that are used for transportation. By definition, automobiles run on roads and seat one to eight people. They usually have four wheels and are used primarily for transport. Read on to learn more about cars. Whether you drive a car or use one to transport your daily items, cars have many uses.

Automobiles changed the way people lived and commuted, and they helped create a new type of society. They also led to the development of assembly lines, which helped manufacturers produce more affordable automobiles. These innovations helped the automobile industry thrive, creating jobs and allowing Americans to travel to and from different places. Automobiles also impacted the environment, as the pollution caused by gas-burning cars polluted the atmosphere.

In response, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation wrote to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other U.S. Representatives in support of a more stringent definition of a motorcycle. Currently, a motorcycle is considered an automobile if it has three wheels and a seat for a rider. However, the proliferation of three-wheeled automobiles has altered that definition. Today, any automobile that has a steering wheel or foot-operated accelerator should not be considered a motorcycle.

Automobiles are categorized according to their purpose. The most common purpose for a vehicle is transportation. Depending on its use, automobiles can be classified as passenger carriers, mini-buses, trucks, pickup vans, or trailers. Some are also used for special purposes, such as fire brigade, ambulances, and school buses.

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