What Are Automobiles?

Automobiles are vehicles that are made in different shapes and sizes for people of different needs. Its name comes from the word auto which means “self-moving” and from the Latin words -mobilis meaning “moving”.

An automobile is a self-propelled motor vehicle intended for passenger transportation on land, usually having four wheels and an internal combustion engine fuelled most often by gasoline or diesel. It is one of the most universal of modern technologies, with over 73 million new cars produced worldwide in 2017.

Various kinds of automobiles can be seen in different countries and cities. They can be made in different colours, materials, mechanisms, shapes and styles for different types of uses.

In the early twentieth century, there were many different kinds of automobiles and they had very varied designs. Some used electricity while others used a steam engine to power them.

There were also motorcycles and scooters. These were also very popular at the time but they were slow and heavy.

The invention of the automobile was a major step in the history of the world. It replaced horse-drawn carriages and was a revolution in transportation.

The first automobile was invented in 1886 by German engineer Carl Benz, who patented the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. He began promoting it on 3 July 1886.

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