Understanding the Ontology of Law


Law is the system of rules which governs a society. It provides a method for resolving disputes peacefully and ensures that everyone has the same rights.

There are many different laws in each country. In some places you can be fined or sent to jail if you break the law.

The law is a set of rules that a government sets up to help people live in their communities. It’s important to know what is in the law so you can be safe and not get into trouble with the police.

Definitions of Law

A legal definition is a description of a certain topic in law. It can be as simple as defining what the word “law” means or as complex as examining how the word is used in various situations.

Ontology of Law

Holmes understood law to be immanent and probabilistic. He described it as the intersection of an actor’s own narrative and an external reality that is shaped by other peoples’ narratives.

Experience is the building block of law because it allows an observer to assign true or false values to mathematically undecidable propositions, which determine the participant’s probability estimates. As experience flows, these estimations are updated and a law is defined anew.

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