Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels are two fields inside the hospitality industry that contain lodging, vacation packages, theme parks, cruise lines and other services for travelers. UNOH’s program in Travel and Hotel Management teaches students the skills to work in these industries.

Bundled Hotel Packages

Many apps and websites that offer flight and hotel deals often bundle a room with airfare to save customers money. The reason is that these companies purchase rights to air seats and hotel rooms in bulk, which allows them to sell a package that costs less than buying the items individually. If you do book one of these bundled deals, make sure the price is the same for booking the stay over five nights rather than just the first night.

Unlike rental homes, apartments and condos offered by Airbnb and Vrbo, hotels are designed with the needs of guests in mind. As such, hotels tend to provide more amenities than private accommodations and usually offer more flexible cancellation policies.

Hotel chains also vary by price point, with some brands offering more luxury options and others offering a more Spartan experience. Travel experts advise travelers to research hotel chains thoroughly before choosing a place to stay.

When shopping for a hotel, remember that prices fluctuate almost as much as airfares. Some experts recommend booking a hotel as close to your actual date of travel as possible, as hotels may reduce rates as the departure dates approach. This is because they don’t want to be stuck with unused inventory, which hurts their bottom line.

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