The Value of News


Among the many things that make news are crime, disaster, human interest stories, weather, sports, and entertainment. Some stories have positive overtones and others have negative ones. There is also a growing demand for stories with drama.

For instance, the death of Mao Tse-tung was a news story, even though it took several days to make the announcement. The assassination of Mrs Gandhi is another example. Similarly, the coup d’etat in Iran affects the stability of the country.

The news value of information is a matter of how it is identified and evaluated. Some arbitrary factors influence the way news is valued. Other factors include the belief systems of journalists and the role of public relations professionals.

News stories are usually broadcast over radio, television, and the internet. Among the most popular news agencies are Associated Press and Reuters in the United States and Great Britain, and Agence France-Presse in France. However, most news is printed in just a few countries.

There are also a few agencies that have the financial resources to send reporters everywhere news is developing. For instance, Al Jazeera, a TV news network, is owned by the government of Qatar. It reaches millions of viewers in many countries. It is appreciated by millions as an alternative to Western media.

Many newspapers still maintain offices and transmission facilities for news distribution. These agencies can provide news from their own circulation areas and pool it for general use.

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