The Growing Trend of Online Gambling

One in five people who suffer from gambling addiction attempt suicide. Other negative consequences of gambling addiction are bankruptcy, embezzlement, and even jail time. Two out of three gamblers will commit illegal acts. The addiction also has a major effect on family and friends. This type of gambling affects every relationship, from marriages to family relationships.

However, the United States government has been slow to respond to the growth of online gambling. While online gambling sites were popping up as early as the ’90s, there were no legal guidelines in place to ensure fair play. Because of this, players in the United States could easily access these sites. However, that all changed in 2006 when then-US President George Bush signed the Safe Ports Act, making it illegal for US financial institutions to provide banking services to online gambling sites.

The most common e-wallet used for online gambling is PayPal. Online gambling sites that accept PayPal can accept deposits through PayPal, and withdrawals can also be made using this method. The advantage of using PayPal is that your financial information does not enter the gambling site, and you do not have to worry about sending or receiving sensitive financial information. Additionally, many gambling sites only allow withdrawals from PayPal if a player has previously made a deposit using the service.

Online gambling is growing at an astounding pace. This is thanks to live streaming, which attracts a younger demographic. Not only are top athletes participating in eSports, but even people who were once hesitant to gamble are getting into the act. As a result, online gambling has become a major source of income and enjoyment.

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