The Benefits of Automobiles

Automobiles are self propelled vehicles that use a combustion engine to run. Most automobiles use gasoline as fuel but some do use electric motors to power them.

The first cars were steam, electric, and internal combustion powered. In 1900, cars that ran on electricity had 38 percent of the United States market share. However, they had limited speed, a short range, and required long periods of time to recharge their batteries. In contrast, cars powered by steam could travel at high speeds but were difficult to start and often stalled.

AUTOMOBILES CAN SAVE US TIME: Having your own car makes it possible to avoid having other people in your personal space, like when traveling on the bus or waiting for a ride home. Having a car can also save you hours of time that would be spent on commutes and shopping trips, giving you more time to do the things you love.

OPENS UP MORE WORK OPPORTUNITIES: Being able to cover large distances gives you more options for where you can live and work in relation to your family, friends, and social life. In addition, if you have a family, an automobile can help you get your children to extracurricular activities like school and sports events.

The automobile grew in popularity throughout the 20th century, becoming the backbone of a new consumer goods-oriented society. The automobile boosted the economy, creating jobs in industries such as steel and petroleum and providing demand for services such as gas stations and convenience stores.

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