The Basics of News – Timeliness, Drama and Consequence


News is an important part of the public’s civil life. It is a means of communication and the basis for the development of a healthy civil society, but it also has its problems and limitations.

The Basics: Timeliness, Drama and Consequence

Whether you work in the news business or just read/watch/listen to it as an audience member, you probably understand that the news is current. This is because it is a very brief piece of information that often occurs in the moment that something happens or is learned.

You’ll hear stories about people who desire things and go to extraordinary lengths to obtain them. Or, you’ll see or hear about something that is tragic and has a great impact.

There’s drama in many of the stories you hear or read about, which is why they are so appealing. It’s because they are generally stories about people who are going through something difficult and who have overcome a great deal to achieve their goal.

The same goes for the stories about animals. It’s a good example of drama in the news when we hear about a baby tiger who is killed by a car and whose death affects all of us.

The way that people learn about the news, however, is different from how they learn other kinds of information. It’s not the purpose of the news to be entertaining or educational, but it can sometimes have an element of humour that can make readers laugh or become involved in the story.

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