How to Write an Article on Fashion

Fashion is a multibillion-dollar industry that influences culture, economy, and technology. It encompasses everything from the designer clothing seen on runways to the street clothes sold in malls and markets. It reveals who we are as individuals and as members of groups. For example, in high school, there are “goths” and skaters,”preps” and “herbs.” Clothes distinguish these groups, and within them, members identify with a particular look that defines them to others.

The styles we wear are a form of self-expression, but they can also serve as tools for social and political commentary. Some fashions elicit outrage, such as the baggy pants of hip-hop culture, while others create division, such as the distinction between the “goth” and the “herb.” Fashions can also be a vehicle for social and economic change. For example, when Japanese imports increased in Europe during the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries, they influenced and sometimes changed fashions as people began to wear clothes made from silk rather than wool.

A good article on Fashion should present original insights into the topic. It should be based on solid research, including verifying quotes and statistics and citing sources whenever possible. It should also be readable and compelling from start to finish. A great way to accomplish this is by using powerful storytelling. In fact, a well-written story is often the difference between a great and mediocre article. Lastly, it’s important to spend enough time researching the topic so that you have an intimate understanding of the subject matter and can speak to its significance.

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