How Technology Is Changing Our Daily Lives


Technology is rapidly changing our daily lives. From computers to smartwatches and implantable devices, we are using technology in new ways. Smartwatches monitor biometric data, while implanted devices offer more sophisticated monitoring capabilities. One technology is GPS, or global positioning system, which pinpoints locations on earth through satellites in earth’s orbit. It is widely used for real-time navigation, monitoring the transit of different objects, and recording precise time measurements. GPS is included in many tracking systems and devices, including those for driving.

The use of technology is a complex process, starting with the prehistoric discovery of fire. The discovery of fire enabled human civilizations to expand their food sources, and later the invention of the wheel enabled humans to travel much farther. The wheel also enabled communication across vast distances, and the development of the Internet and the printing press reduced physical barriers to communication. While many technologies have advanced through history, not all have been beneficial to humankind. Some have been used in war and to further the destructive potential of humankind.

One benefit of technology is that it can increase productivity. Businesses use technology to automate many processes, such as accounting, to increase production. By using computer software, businesses can cut down on administrative work, which in turn increases production. Temperature sensors in a bakery, for example, allow workers to bake bread at the correct temperature.

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