Home Improvement – Which Projects Add the Most Value to Your Home?

Home improvement is the repair, maintenance or enhancement of residential real property. This includes the exterior and interior of the house, landscaping and any structures like garages, decks and gazebos. It also includes anything that increases the livable square footage of the home such as adding rooms or extending existing ones. Home improvement can be an excellent investment and it is important to know which projects will add the most value to your home.

In the last few years many homeowners have developed a renewed interest in home renovation projects. However, it is important to understand what projects add the most value to your home and what is a smart return on your investment.

A good place to start is with the cost-vs-value analysis published by Remodeling Magazine. These reports show which projects will provide the greatest return on your money when it comes time to sell your home. They also show which projects are most cost effective, such as installing energy-efficient home appliances or a smart thermostat.

Other popular projects include a new kitchen or bathroom, and adding a bedroom or living space. A master suite addition is one of the most expensive projects, but it can add up to a 98 percent ROI when it is added to your home’s market value. Other projects that will increase your home’s value and livability include adding a patio or pergola, upgrading your landscaping, or installing an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners should always consult a professional before undertaking any large home improvement project. A good contractor will be licensed, bonded and insured. They should pass a background check and be screened for serious criminal convictions.

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