Healthy Relationships


Relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives. They help us build social support networks and provide important benefits for our physical and mental health.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you feel supported, loved, and happy. These qualities are especially true for romantic relationships, but many people also enjoy other types of mutually supportive relationships, like close friends and family members.

A loving relationship means you feel safe expressing your feelings and having open, honest communication. It also means you’re not afraid to disagree with your partner respectfully, and that you can resolve conflict in a way that doesn’t create tension or stress for either of you.

Keeping your relationship happy and healthy isn’t always easy, but there are ways to make it better. Positive behaviors like showering your partner with small gifts, staying in touch throughout the day if you’re apart, and being there for them when they need you are simple ways to reinforce your love.

Affection is freely given and received in a healthy relationship, but it’s also important to recognize that affection can fade or change as time goes by. In a healthy relationship, you don’t need to remind your partner that they mean the world to you and your partner doesn’t need to push you to get physical or sexy.

You’ll be able to pick up on your partner’s nonverbal cues to determine if you’re feeling loved and connected in a healthy way. For example, a hug after a stressful day might be a sign that your partner wants to connect, while a naughty flirtation might be a sign that you’re not ready for serious sex yet.

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