Careers in Financial Services

Financial services

Financial services encompass a broad range of industries and jobs. From banks to insurance companies and everything in between, there are endless career opportunities for anyone interested in a field related to money management and investing. The industry is also heavily regulated, which makes it important to understand the different aspects of the sector before making a decision to pursue it as a career.

A key part of the financial sector is lending, which includes credit and mortgage loans as well as rent-a-car and hire purchase services. These kinds of services help consumers purchase a wide variety of products and services that improve their standard of living, such as cars, houses, furniture, and even vacations.

The financial industry also includes a number of organizations that deal with investments, such as stock brokers and trust funds. These firms invest in a wide variety of assets and businesses, aiming to buy at one price and sell at another. They can also provide valuation and appraisal services for companies and real estate endeavors. Additionally, they provide critical financial utilities such as stock exchanges and derivative and commodity exchanges.

Unlike many other fields, a degree is not always necessary for people to get into financial services. For example, some companies offer internships and entry-level positions that allow employees to gain experience and build their skills on the job. In addition, many firms are known to promote from within based on merit. This can make it easier for young professionals to move up the ladder faster.

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