Business Services

Business services

The Business services industry is a major portion of the economy and consists of a large number of different types of companies. These businesses provide intangible support to companies rather than goods or tangible products. Some examples of business services include delivery, computer based software platforms and office supplies. The Business services industry also includes firms that provide professional and management services as well as firms that offer financial and insurance based services to other businesses.

For example, an escrow service provides assurance that transactions between parties are handled properly and according to law. Likewise, legal services are considered business services as well as accounting and management consulting. Business services can also include services that are offered to a company’s employees, such as child care and in-office gyms.

These services are important to the overall success of a company and can allow for more time and resources to be focused on other areas such as marketing and development. For these reasons, a company should carefully consider their options when choosing a business services provider to work with.

The Company is, and since the Lookback Date has been, in compliance (a) with all labor, wage and hour, and insurance agent and broker Laws that are applicable to the provision of Business Services and (b) with all Orders binding on or applicable to the Company that are enforceable against the Company in effect as of such date. The Company has obtained and will continue to obtain all necessary licenses to conduct the Business Services as presently conducted.

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