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The reason why I enjoy volunteering so much is that I love seeing people smiling. I feel like tutoring will allow me to make others happy. I believe that every individual is smart and has the capability to be successful in life and I want to be the one to help them reach their potential. I want to help people feel confident, so they have the motivation to knock down all obstacles they may encounter in their life.

New American University Scholar

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Education & Resume
Schooling History:
• Guadalupe Elementary School (In California)
• Weinberg Elementary School
• Payne Junior High School
• Perry High School
•  Current: Arizona State University

Volunteer Experience:
• Tumbleweed Recreation Center
• Petco Hope for Cats
• Girl World Expo
• Research at ASU


In High School:
• AP Scholar
• IMPACT Scholar
• Awarded Outstanding Performance in AP Environmental Science

In College:
• Dean’s List

Tutoring Experience
Years Tutored:
•  I have tutored for 2 years.

Topics I specialize in tutoring:
• Spanish
• SAT Math
•GED Math
• ACT Math
• Physics ( Highschool – College level )

Teaching Style:

Significant Mentor or Teacher that has impacted my life:
• My physical engineering teacher in junior high change my life significantly because she was the one that encouraged me to join Cross Country. She was incredibly supportive and provided words of encouragement that made me feel confident. 

The key to being a good student:
• The key to being a good student is one that admits defeat. This means being willing to ask for help from others when you reach an obstacle and not trying to solve everything yourself.


• I like Tennis, Swimming, and Track and Field

Favorite Books:
• The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
• Bisclavret by Marie de France
• Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan Quentin Fiore
• Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
•  The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Biggest Role Model:
• My biggest role model is my sister because she is studious and independent. She does not allow the criticisms from relatives sway her from what she wants to do.

Favorite place to eat:
• Olive Garden
• Texas Roadhouse



Five words to describe me:
• Organized
• Studious
• Quiet
• Independent
• Enthusiastic

Wisdom or Funny Phrase that is symbolic of your personality:
• “If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

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My name is Priya Ann Panicker. I have a Bachelors Degree in Optometry from India. The Genius Factory has played a big factor in my life—I started at the genius factory in desperate need for help with my OAT’s. Studying at times is tedious and annoying, but with help from the Genious Factory, studying seemed easy and fun.This facility has taught me that seeing each topic as stories and pneumonics makes it easier to remember facts. Mo Joe, the founder, is an amazing tutor. He is eager to help you you in anyway possible. Thank you so much for inspiring me and guiding me towards my future goals. Priya P

Full Time Student

Being a small business owner myself, I shopped around and found this business to be the best investment for my daughters future. She attends Basis Scottsdale, a college prep school, whose advanced curriculum is intense, fast paced and highly competitive. When my daughter started having difficulty in the 6th grade, we sought the help of Mr. Ghani aka “Mo Joe”. Thanks to Mo Joe’s tutoring, she has turned her grades around. He has tutored our daughter for over a year in physics, algebra, chemistry, biology and other areas of study. Not only has he turned her grades around, he has built up her confidence and changed her attitude towards studying and school in general. Mo Joe is extremely knowledgeable but what we equally love about him is his energetic, highly-positive personality. He can cut through the toughest bad attitude in a kid just by being himself because he is so personable and sincerely cares about his students. The Genius Factory is an awesome tutoring facility due to a staff of professional experts who specialize in all subjects. Wendy Z

Full Time Student

I began working with the Genius Factory Fall of 2014 and the moment I walked in for my first tutoring session, I knew I was off to a great start. The tutors are helpful, caring and really cater to your educational needs. I had the pleasure of being tutored by Mo Joe; he was most knowledgeable and understanding. When I thought grasping a certain subject was going to be impossible, he assured me we would work together until I could feel 100% comfortable with the study material. I can honestly say the Genius Factory is the best place I could have gone for help. Going to school and working full time is a challenge especially when you don’t accommodate to your professors’ office hours to get help. Moreover, being a student at the Genius Factory has improved my personal lifestyle. I don’t feel stressed or anxious when leaving a lecture room anymore because I know I will get the extra help I need with my tutor.I continue to recommend the Genius Factory because it has improved my methods of studying and gave me a different perspective on learning. Jessica P

Full Time Student


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