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When students come to us, it is usually because they are overwhelmed, struggling with a certain topic or because they are motivated and want to get ahead of their class. Our holistic approach to helping students succeed involves unlocking their inner genius by matching them with the right resources such as tutoring, test prep, academic coaching, and mentorship.

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Through our strong sense of family and community, we intend to inspire students and help them believe in themselves so they can reach for the stars.

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ALL AGES – but primarily middle school, high school, and university students

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Primarily Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Ahwatukee

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Being a small business owner myself, I shopped around and found this business to be the best investment for my daughter’s future. She attends Basis Scottsdale, a college prep school, whose advanced curriculum is intense, fast-paced and highly competitive. Thanks to Mo Joe’s tutoring, she has turned her grades around. Not only has he turned her grades around, he has built up her confidence and changed her attitude toward studying and school in general. The Genius Factory is an awesome tutoring facility due to a staff of professional experts who specialize in all subjects.

Wendy Z

Full Time Student

Being a student at The Genius Factory has improved my personal lifestyle. I don’t feel stressed or anxious when leaving a lecture room anymore because I know I will get the extra help I need with my tutor. I continue to recommend The Genius Factory because it has improved my methods of studying and has given me a different perspective on learning.

Jessica P

Full Time Student

The Genius Factory has played a big factor in my life—I started at The Genius Factory in desperate need for help with my OAT’s. Studying at times is tedious and annoying, but with help from The Genius Factory, studying seemed easy and fun. This facility has taught me that seeing topics as stories and pneumonics makes it easier to remember facts. Mo Joe, the founder, is an amazing tutor. He is eager to help you in any way possible. Thank you so much for inspiring me and guiding me toward my future goals.

Priya P

Full Time Student

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